Our Retro-fit Revolution!

Upgrading to LED technology is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, however making the decision to switch to LED is only half the battle. There is another important decision to make: to either retrofit your current fittings or buy new fittings. We know that if you’re a business owner or a decision-maker, there’s nothing you want more than to save your company money. You may also be looking to lower your environmental footprint and help save the environment. Retrofitting can help you to save money and also impact your business’ bottom line positively – because good lighting increases employee productivity. By replacing the conventional lamps and ballasts in your existing light fittings with LEDs you can lower energy consumption by up to 75%. Add in smart lighting controls and energy consumption will go down even more – by as much as 90%.

Our range of LED products and controls are selected to focus on practical applications and lighting considerations. Implementing a lighting redesign from our LED retrofit range will provide a successful lighting solution and lead the way to a greener future.

Our Retrofit LED Lighting Options

Making the switch to LED has a multitude of benefits!

- Lower upfront costs
- A great way to future-proof buildings
- Reduced maintenance cost
- Less waste
- High quality components
- Smart control options
- Easy installation using our neodymium magnets
- New optics
- Simple plug-and-play connections
- Suitable for all linear profile sizes

Redesign and regenerate your lighting with our retro-fit revolution!

Read more about our retrofit offer from The Light Review

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