Discreet micro-linear LED lighting

Our micro-linear range of extrusions and LED sources offer unparalleled flexibility for discreet linear lighting in a breadth of applications such as illuminating alcoves and displays, feature lighting around furniture, ceiling or floor illumination. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


At Optaled we specialise in tailor-made products - so let us take the headache out of assembling the perfect lighting solution. We can cut and build all the individual lengths you need fitted with plug-and-play connectors so all you have to do is unpack, install, and turn it on.

You can browse through the various systems we offer below and when you're ready speak to our experienced sales team to discuss your requirements. We will then draft our solution and supply you sign-off drawings for approval prior to manufacturing.

Build it yourself

Our micro-linear range is very simple to work with. All of our micro-linear extrusions, LED tapes/boards and power supplies are all interoperable and between them give you an incredible number of options and flexibility. Below are some key points that you should be aware of if you plan to build your own system:

Micro-Linear Diagram
DC 24V
Power supply

All of our micro-linear LED solutions utilise a DC 24V power supply so the only considerations are what control option do you want to use and how much power do you need to run in all?

Each LED tape and board has a watts per metre value. Simply multiply this value by the number of metres you need to illuminate to tell you the minimum capacity power supply you will need. We would always recommend adding a further 10% to your power requirement to allow for headroom.

Cut Points
Cut points

Each of our micro-linear LED tapes and boards can be shortened by use of cut points at equal intervals along their length. This length varies from product to product and so should be checked against your requirements.

Copper contact pads located at each end of every segment allow for electrical connection anywhere along the length of the LED tape/boards and also allow shorter pieces to be joined together into a longer chain - reducing wastage.

Maximum Length
Max. run lengths

There are limits to the maximum length you should power in a single run due to something called "voltage drop", where electrical resistance gradually reduces the amount of voltage as it travels through the tape resulting in less light output at the farthest end. As a guide our Optaline boards can be run for up to three metres and our Microflex range up to six metres before any perceivable difference. Our Superlength range, however, is specialised for much longer runs and the only limit is the capacity of the power supply.

“Lighting is everything. It creates mood and has an emotional effect on you.”

Micro Linear Extrusions

Microflex LED Tape

High lumen efficiency with up to 130 lm/W

Maxflex LED Tape

Maximum lumen efficiency with up to 154 lm/W

Plusflex LED Tape

Short 8.3 mm cut points for critical length applications

Superlength LED Tape

Constant current series with up to 30 metres in a continuous application

Proflex LED Tape

Dot free design creating clean lines of light

Micropixel LED Tape

Dynamic colour changing effects with a single control

LED Boards

Constant Voltage Drivers

Dimming Modules

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